​Men & Women in Prison Ministries

Rev. Doris Green, Founder & CEO

Dr. Hilda Richards was the first African American and female Dean on the College of Health and Human Services at Ohio State University. She was later appointed Provost and Academic Vice President at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. From there Dr. Richards moved to become Chancellor of Indiana University Northwest. Now retired, she is the Board President at Men and Women In Prison Ministries and a former board member at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago.

Chief Operating Officer

Kimberly Wallace-Hutson

Rev. Doris Green, Founder & CEO



Rusell J. Jackson, Sr.

​Group Facilitator & Health Screener

Charles Patton

  • Yaa Simpson, MPH - Vice President of Programs

  • Beryl Fitzpatrick - Secretary

  • Laura McTighe, PHD - General Board Member

  • Rev. Joseph Garrett - General Board Member

  • Dr. Lynne Mock - Advisor

  • Johnathon Briggs, MPH - General Board Member

  • Angela Wilson, RN, MPH - Administrative Consultant

​Summit Executive

Richard Wallace

BOARD PRESIDENT - Hilda Richards, EdD

Rev. Green's passion lies in the development of educational opportunities and environmental activities that address health equality for re-entry populations. She has over 30 years of experience in substance abuse counseling and health education, with a special emphasis on chronic diseases, prison diversion and re-entry, and family development.

CEO & FOUNDER - Rev. Doris Green, BA, CCHP